Response to Sinn Fein support for Anti War Movement

Hi everyone, Whilst I'm not a supporter of SF their support, if genuine, for the anti war movement and solidarity with the Iraqi people is most honourable. The kind of bile that 'Big Al' has posted is typical of those who are opposed to standing up to the agressors/oppressors, at home and globally, and deserves nothing but contempt. However it is worth remembering that the SF leadership are regularly in contact with both the main warmongers, namely White House and 10 Downing Street, hardly most revoltionary nor progressive of strategies. Thus one should not forget that while they may be at a demo on a particular Saturday,on the next Monday they could just as easily be having lunch with war criminals ! This is yet another example of SF's cynical posturing as a 'Marxist' party, whilst the evidence points to a very different conclusion. Lets hope that their support for the anti war movement marks a cutting of their ties with imperialists and a true commitment to defeating global capitalismm, in all its manifestations.

Created By: Micky S