Response to What to do about Saddam?

agrees with David. You're extremely, EXTREMELY naieve Liam if you think life for Iraq's people will be easier if Sadam was deposed. Just because you don't hear of Human rights atrocities in US-alligned countries like Turkey, Columbia, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman etc. - this doesn't mean that atrocities don't happen with the support (through military and economic aid) of the US. At least under Hussein we get to hear from CNN that Sadam eats children. But under a US-controlled Iraqi leader the torture, political oppression, poverty and lies will continue. only it won't be reported by the mainstream media. The US are not interested in a fully democratic system in iraq which could potentially allow the iraqi people to control their own destiny and their own resources. And when they do try that, we get another US backed military coup against a democratic governent (chile, venezuela, etc).

Created By: Guy Incognito