Response to What to do about Saddam?

Liam, full marks for persistance, my man. Greetings from the UK by the way, as we stand shoulder to shoulder with the US in this noble enterprise. The only trouble is, Liam, it should be you making a case FOR the war, and explaining to us poor confused peaceniks how much better and safer its going to make things. Your answer seems to be 'There Is No Alternative'. Our very own Margaret Thatcher (you remember her, surely;English Tea-Shock - I know but I cant spell Taoisoch - scary eyes, weird voice) was also known as T I N A, because that was the usual extent of her political argument. Still it had the smack of firm government and thats what gets you re elected.Stuffs up the prospect of peace but where's the votes in that? Falklands or Peace process? Hmmmmm. Look, I'm very much afraid that things could go badly wrong when we go to war. That the WMDs we are so worried about WILL be used; that terrorism will increase-not through any direct link with Iraq, but as an excuse/retaliation. The 'New Scientist' magazine predicts up to 4 million dead if Israel is attacked. But hey, we might get away with a mere 110,000 like last time. But even if it goes as well as that,IT WONT BE RIGHT.Forget Saddams origins (most people have)in an act of pre emptive defence ($43 billion a year. How much defence do you need?)'We' will have invaded a sovereign country on the suspicion of what someone might have and what they might do with it, and the arbiter of all this will not be the UN with all its faults, but George Bush...sweet suffering Jesus. As a Brit I can tell you, we've still got a hangover from our own empire, I think we should sit this one out George. Good luck on the 15th. It wont stop the war, but why make it easy for them?

Created By: john wade