Response to Are people against America?

I love these people who accuse the peace-campers and anti-war campaigners as being anti-American. By their logic, the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Washington D.C. and all around the States are all anti-American, unpatriotic self-haters; simply because they disagree with the policies of their "government". By the same logic, all the peace campers on these shores are also anti-Irish, because they don't like dirty Bertie. Eighty percent of British people are also anti-British because they don't support mass murder and robbery. Seeing as they disagreed with our leaders at the time, all those who strove for independence in this country were anti-Irish. It's a lot easier for people to dismiss war critics as racists than actually put together a decent argument, because there is no decent argument for war.

Created By: Martin Fahy