Are the protests at Shannon a distraction from the central issue?

Is it not better to focus protests against the forthcoming attack on Iraq and the thousands of innocent people that will die there rather than the use of Shannon airport by the American military? Is it not better that they come through in uniform so that we know who they are than to have them pass through unnoticed, in plain cloths on civilian aircraft? We should be trying to stop the war on Iraq, that is the central issue. Shannon is of lesser relevence. These soldiers could just as easily go through another country. This policy seems parochial and self-centred. As for neutrality, it has always been something of a joke. How can one be neutral if one is politically, economically and territorally tied to the EU? Neutrality is an abnegation of responsibility. It is to say one has no opinion (whereas plainly most Irish people do), to let others pay for our defense with their money and lives. Having said that, there is no moral basis for another war. We should stick our necks out, even at the cost of losing millions of dollars of U.S. foreign direct investment and losing thousands of Irish jobs.

Created By: Garrett Cormican