Response to Are the protests at Shannon a distraction from the central issue?

The drive behind Islamic fundamentalism is not to conquer the world but to recapture what they see as their holy land from the influence of the west. They pose little or no threat to Ireland (although if we continue supporting Bush that might change). Ireland is not under any "threat". The only way to combat this extremism is to ask ourselves why so many people are desperate and fanatical enough to believe this? Why have these groups suddenly appeared? Much of the answer is due to our own middle eastern policy (Israel/Palestine) and huge exploitation and greed (oil). And as for Saddam Hussein, yes he's evil and brutal, but he is NOT about to invade the west, because he is neither suicidal nor stupid. I can't believe there are people out there who seriously believe Saddam is going to take over the western world! And I'll tell you one thing, as an Irish person I'm a lot more scared of what Bush is doing in the world, and where it is going to lead, then I am of Al Qaida or Saddam Hussein.

Created By: Rachel Hicks