Response to what has this site got to do with Anti War

That clock is an electronic counter for God's sake. You think that proves anything. I notice that the conflicts you mention , Chechnya and Palestine that have one think on common Islamic Fundamentalists. If you believe that no arms exist in Iraq than then you are extremely naive. Neville Chamberlain believed Hitler was not going to attack anyone or was not building up weapons. I know it is fashionable here to believe that this operation is about Bush and oil. But just because it is fashionable does not make it correct. To use your clich├ęd argument - have you one shred of evidence that this is the case? The overriding sentiment here is anti American not anti war. and the more often you protest otherwise the more obvious that it becomes. Every pseudo intellectual that has some chip on their shoulders against the Americans is jumping on this bandwagon

Created By: mike kelly