Response to Sinn Fein support for Anti War Movement

Rachel I cant believe you admire Sinn Fein. and you supposed to be Anti War. They have waged a war for years killing innocent people. And saying the IRA and Sinn Fein are different is like saying that George Bush and The President of the USA are different. It is so pathetic that SinnFein would have the hypocracy to protest against violence when tyhey owe their success to barbaric violent acts and still hold arms. And as for the UN arms inspectors noit finding anything. their task is similar to George De Chastelion being brought on a search around Ireland for illegal IRA arms dumps and being guided by SinnFein. Im sure they would have as much luck. That is not top say that there are no arms dumps in Ireland or no arms in Iraq just because they do not find any

Created By: M Dooley