Response to US and war

I am writing this evening from the northern U.S. as an American citizen, of Irish, English, French and Italian ancestry. As our president prepares to launch a massive military assault on Iraq, I hope some peaceful solution will be reached to avert war. I suppose the number of scenarios that could lead to peace in the region are endless, and we need to pursue those. I fervently hope we do not drop bombs or in other ways kill innocent civilians, or make life for the Iraquis any tougher than it is. These are not "evil"people. Today my countrymen are greiving over the tragic loss of 7 astronauts from the disintegration of the space shuttle "Columbia" over Texas this morning. The same grief and horror was felt when thousands died at the September 11 attacks. We feel human loss deeply, as do families in every corner of the planet. We must realize that the loss of an Iraqi life or a Palestinian life or a French life is as tragic and deeply greived as the loss of a life in our own homeland. We need to accept that we are all part of this big family of man and as our planet feels smaller every day we should accept and value each other, in spite of our perceived differences. Let's work and pray for peace.

Created By: Patrick Boyd