Response to Protestros at Shannon?

Robert I hardly think the chances of the guards at Shannon airport joing the protest were high to begin with but now that today one of them was physically attacked by an "anti war" gang of 3 men and two women I doubt that anyh chance at all exists. Most people in Ireland do not objeect to the US using the airport. where were you people when the USSR were using it for military purposes. This protest seems to me to attract anyone who has a grudge against the US. Is there anyone who actually objects on purely humanitarian reasons? We all have the intesrests of the Iraqi people at heart. Most of us believe they wil be better off without Hussein some don't apparantly. If we all agree the Iraqi people would be better off if he goes, then how do we help them get rid of him? 1) Talk to him? - tried that for 12 years. 2) Ask him to disarm and introduce democracy? as for 1). 3) UN resolutions - tried that. 4) Sanctions - tried that. 5) Build up a real threat to him - that is being tried. I hope it doesnt end up with the final means of 5) attacking. But if that's what it takes I think in the long run Iraq may benefit.

Created By: mike kelly