Response to Mike Kelly

I think all your facts and statistics dont mean shit. There are probably reasons none of us even know about behind this war. I am against the war, not because of bush or oil,( although if you think about it, if your country tatally depended on gulf oil, maybe you would think it was a good reason to invade someone) but because I dont want to see a defenceless country with a an impoverished population attacked by the most powerful country in the world. The only people Saddam is a threat to are is own, not that I think thats ok but there are other more evil people then Saddam and bush combined but their countrys arent what we see on tv. What about sierra leone, chezchnia(however u spell it) or the congo. Iraq is a playground compared to these places. I think you all watch to much sky news if you think iraq is the worst thing happening at the moment. Politicly, maybe it is but in terms of human suffering? like I said, a playground. P.S. Some of you guys need to get off your high horse and stop giving people ( mainly mike ) crap just cos they disagree with you.

Created By: gareth murphy