Response to Posters - and Propaganda

There you go - I told you he'd rubbish the figures. You're a gas! Why is your number "more likely" while mine is "false"?! They are the UN's figures, not mine. Quoting legitimate figures is not really "scaremongering and false numbers" is it? Oh, hang on, anyone who doesn't agree with you is a misguided innocent who gets all his information from , I forgot. By the by, 50,000 or 100,000, my point still stands. Too high a price. "Have you contemplated the real pain, misery and despair caused by Hussein ?" Er, yes. I don't think I said I was an apologist for Saddam Hussein or his regime - correct me if I'm wrong. "You seem to think that if the US do not go in and disarm Hussein then noone will die" Did I say that? Don't presume to know what everyone using this site thinks - I'm a big boy and can formulate my own ideas and views. In an earlier post you said "I came in here expecting to have lots of opposition but assumed that people were not afraid of debating something they feel is right". However your debating technique appears to consist of calling everybody you don't agree with anti-American or implying they are a naive fool. It's very tiring. Finally, I agree that Saddam Hussein fleeing would be the best possible outcome for Iraqi civilians, certainly when compared to being bombed, but how likely is that? If the military build-up in the Gulf miraculously scares him off, I'll be delighted, but I don't see it somehow. Oh shit, did I just agree with you on something?

Created By: frank black