Response to I support the US in their efforts for world peace

Peter I appreciate your sentiments and I do think about it but I believe the output and result from this disarming of Hussein is more important than the reasons why it is taking place. I believe the outcome will be positive for Iraq and the West. I am less concerned about the underlying reasons for it taking place than the good that will come out of it. The evil that you call Fear is what I would call ignorance. That is a very real evil and breeds hatred and death. I believe that in this instance Fear is not evil but is appropriate to the present situation. I for one, fear having my children killed by those who are hostile to Western culture in the future and I believe I have cause to fear such a thing.It is clear that you have decent and legitimate grounds for your point of view and your sincerity is impressive but if as you suggest the US were on the N Korea border Peter I believes that many of the people here would have an "anti War" campeign to stop that on the basis that it is the evil US trying to control the area and no doubt will find oil in North Korea or a pipe line route to back up their theories.

Created By: mike kelly