Response to What is going on on the forum?

Regarding people joining groups to harm them. For example Nazi's joined a left wing group in the UK. The group had to start a new list at a new address and introduce restricteced membership. I am on another left wing listing where someone started making unbelievable and ridiculous racist comments, and giving out about people invovled in anti-racist work. It was never dealth with properly as there was no real moderation of the group. One good activist left the group. I think the group has not been the same since. there was a lot of dicussion at the time about what the group was about etc. but nothing ever got decided and I think that this effected the way people saw the group.(The person who made the comments was not even trying to ruin the group, but it did have a very negative effect on the group). Destructive behaviour is not limited to political groups. It can, and does, happen on other types of groups. I think that answering people's more ridiculous comments only encourages them to make more such comments, so I just think it is best to ignore them. Orla

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai