Response to I support the US in their efforts for world peace

Just a quick post. Mike you stated above that " I believe the output and result from this disarming of Hussein is more important than the reasons why it is taking place" I'm not trying to be insulting but I believe that that is one of the most stupid statements I have read in a long while. Please correct me if my paraphrasing is incorrect but you seem to be saying that the end justify the means without realising the bearing the intent will have on the outcome! i.e. the result will be something good even if the intentions of the coalition are not. Maybe its the time (late Friday) but can anyone else see the logic with this? because I can't. on another note your statement "I fear having my children killed by those who are hostile to Western culture" this is a self serving argument, do you believe that those who may bomb us do so becuase they are hostile to our culture? Jealous perhaps? This line of reasoning doesn't allow for the investigation of any other possible causes of terrorism.

Created By: George O'Carroll