Response to I support the US in their efforts for world peace

I just want to say that as far as I know from old pre 9/11 magazines I dug up, binladen has Saddam on his long list of people he hates. As for the U.S. , anyone who things it has always been justified in its military action is wrong, I think. 2 dropped atom bombs are a good example. Then again anyone who says the opposite is wrong also like for example, as mike said earlier, the Balkans. The thing that seperates these from the iraq thing is this, the U.S didnt start these, just finished them. As for Iraq, it will be an unprovoked attack. I dont think any of the reasons people give are good enough reasons, suspicion of weapons or oil or even helping the iraqis. If helping people who are treated badly meant invading their country the world would be a lot worse off. The U.S didnt join WW2 until they were attacked by the japs. Maybe the japs felt they had a good reason to attack (I should probably look that up) But now everyone knows they were in the wrong. If you attack someone, you started it. Its that simple to me. If 100000 people die in the war, that'll be the U.S's fault not Saddam's. What about the future? Will it be ok for countries to invade someone because they're suspicious or paranoid? I hope not. Maybe only america will be aloud do that. And another thing, just cause a country has done lots of good stuff, you cant just let it away with it when it does something bad.If a life long charity worker rapes a kid you dont turn a blind eye. I am anti war and at times anti american. I am not a socialist either though and I couldnt give a shit what news people watch. I sometimes watch sky news but it sounds like the ones who know the most about it are the socilists and all their krusty, leftie buddys. No to war, No to socialism ( those pricks try to hijack every protest I've ever seen ), No to peace activists with axes.

Created By: gareth murphy