Response to Plea:Ignore the time-wasters

Hi Lynn, I wasn't referring to you as someone who as wasting our time. Actually I was referring to something you had written when I said "There are various issues and questions which I am afraid are getting lost in the various debates. For example, someone has brought up a point about the relationship of the peace movement with soldiers." As for removing people and moderation. There is usually some degree of moderation on web-sites, both political and non-political. This is no different from joining a club and being subject to its rules and regulations. These rules are necessary to keep the groups up and running. Some people are very agressive, they join groups to cause trouble (some people are known as serial trouble makers). They do not add anything to whatever site they join. They often complain about pretty much everyone on the site, about how the site is run, the nature of the site, etc. Some people can be very agressive. This is upsetting to others on the site, but also puts people off posting on sites. This is especially true for people who are new to web-based groups. Also if people are getting a lot of this sort of mail, they might just not bother with the site anymore. I used to get e-mails from this site, but signed off and now just read messages on the site. I am concerned if other people do this that they will not bother to check on-site, and that important messages will be missed. This site is fairly new, so the rules etc. are still being figured out. The quality of the site will be very affected by what is decided. I saw a really excellent site go downhill when the moderator left after she got a job elsewhere. Some people started to regularly flouted the rules of the site, but there was no way of removing them. There is a new moderator now, and she is going to have to clean up the mess. It is usual for a group to have rules and it is also usual for people to be disciplined in some way if they flout those rules. In certain cases people are asked to leave or are removed. This is not just a feature of political sites. I posted two messages on another discussion (the one about what is going on in this forum?), where I make another few points. Orla

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai