Response to Why do all the lefties only care about iraq ?

Off the top of my head here are the ones that spring to mind. The war in the congo. I think the number of countries who have armys there is nine and there are over 20 rebel and mercenary armies there. Tens of thousands of children are forced to fight or used as sex slaves by the guirillas while there is such a likelyhood of your stuff been stolen by a soldier that a cow costs 12 cent. then there is sierra leone, Columbia ( strangely enough, the americans are the good guys in this one ), Chechnya, where both side are just as much bastards to each other and lets not forget the tribes in indonesia who are being bombed with british built fighter planes which are more then a match for the tribespeoples bows and arrows. I guess you dont hear bout these too much cos they've no oil. Maybe if people were a bit more anti war instead of anti america something might be done about these conflicts. I'll go to the protests for no war in iraq but I would rather do it without the message being overshadowed by peoples anti american shit. So there are some examples.

Created By: gareth murphy