Response to Why do all the lefties only care about iraq ?

Hi Gareth, thanks for the list. While these conflicts are most definitely brutal I find it hard to see how you define "more brutal". My reasons for concentrating on the impending conflict with Iraq are as follows: 1. We (the west) have imposed harsh sanctions on this country which have led to the (estimated) deaths of 500,000 people (two useful links are: and ) 2. The worlds only remaining superpower (with a coalition of sorts) is intending on invading a country whose army and equipment have been vastly reduced since the first Gulf War (weapons inspectors have stated that 80% (conservative estimation) of Iraqs WMD have been destroyed) 3. The US led coalition have, in my opinion, completely failed to make any case for this invasion (that he has Al-qaeda links, that he is a threat to the US, that he is a threat to his neghbours). The ever changing reason for the attack also makes me deeply suspicious. 4. For the first time we are talking about a pre-emptive strike. I am completely against this and I believe it sets a dangerous precedent. We are then the agressors. In my opinion this one fact sets this impending conflict from the others you mentioned (i.e. we're supposed to be the good guys? the bar should be set higher for us) 5. The history of the situation (the US backed Hussein untill he was no longer useful, foreign policy in general: a good link: ). The fact that he ran his invasion of Kuwait past the administration and received a green light ( or just do a search against Avril Glaspie, the former US ambassador to Iraq) 6. The actions of the coalition last time re: breaking geneva convention I believe that you are correct when you say that this site seems to be anti-america but I would have to ask you what you mean by america. I know that sounds like a stupid question but bare with me. I am against the US current foreign policy and undue corporate influence on same(check out any history of the CIA to see what I mean ) I am not against the ideals of freedom, democracy, liberty but I do not believe that the current administration (or any past one for that matter) has ever come close to expressing these ideals in a meaningful way. I also believe that this is the most important conflict facing the world because, well lets face it, the US have the most powerful army in the world. To paraphrase my sentiments would be something like "I thought we were supposed to be better than this?"

Created By: George O'Carroll