The depth of US commitment to democracy...

According to an advisor to the Iraqi National Congress, Kanan Makiya, the US policy for government in post-war Iraq is to leave the Ba'ath party in power, supplemented by a US military governor and other US military personnel in key government roles. This is apparently the result of pressure exerted on the US by its close allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia, that well-known bastion of democracy, tolerance and liberalism. The Iraqi National Congress is Iraq's main opposition group.

This should serve as a clear warning to anyone who supports a war 'in the interests of the Iraqi people', that afterwards all may not be sweetness and light. In fact, to nobody's surprise, it seems more likely that the US intends to betray the Iraqi opposition in order to preserve its strategic alliances and commercial interests.

Details of the US policy were described recently by Zalmay Khalilzad, the Bush administration's special envoy to Iraq.

Makiya's full article in today's Observer newspaper can be read here, and an editorial discussion from the same paper is here.

Created By: Bruce Harper