Response to What I Saw This Weekend

Thats just it bro, they weren't protesting US policy in Iraq. They were protesting capitalism, they were protesting US support for Israel, they were protesting Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, they were protesting against Bush b/c he isn't as willing to let Americans get kicked around as Clinton was, they were protesting what is obviously the intention (and hobby) of every American soldier and most civilians: to kill Iraqi babies. Each little group found in a larger group a legitimacy to their individual opinions which otherwise would have been brushed off as polemics or racism or whatever. "Anti-war Protest" is a bit of a misnomer. A better name would have been "Anti-Everything US Protest". And your willingness to brush off such blatant anti-semitism is part of the problem. I have encountered it many times over in Europe than in the US. People try to hide it under the carpet to pretend it doesnt really exist, but it's there. It's best witnessed by certain European nations of the UN's willingness to let other countries, who normally would have very minute legitimacy in the world stage, make international policy under the guise of the UN. As a result you get condemnations of Israel for breathing, yet nothing against Arab nations for pre-emptive strikes against Israel (Egypt) or funding PLO terrorism in Israel (Lebanon and Syria...and in Syria's case it was before Israel even occupied the Golan Heights!) Unfortunately not much has changed in 60 years, it just gets bottled up and becomes more secretive, but it's still there.

Created By: Dan T