Response to What I Saw This Weekend

Not all wars were about oil. WWII for example, the Balkan war, the Israel palestinian conflict. most wars are about nationalism and no, we would not just "get along" without it. I am impressed with the turn out in dublin anti war demonstrations but agree with Dan about the diversity of the groups. most of all, I do not see an alternative to this war. I do not give the benefit of the doubt to Saddam, sorry, he would develope and use (the main word here is use) WMD if left alone. Sanctions killed more babies than the golf war and did not stop Saddam from getting a billion a year from illegal oil sales (which he spent on palaces and WMD). the inspectors are in Iraq because of the US and would be thrown out the second they are gone. it comes down to who you believe, theleaders of the free world (yes, they are far from perfect) or Saddam.

Created By: eyal kless