Response to What I Saw This Weekend

Ok, Dan, American can't accuse France or Germany of getting rich off the Arms trade. Oil products and Arms account for over 33% of America's Gross Domestic Product. I think any arms trade is discusting and i will equally condemn France, Britain, Germany and even the Irish contribution to such a Global trade on death and destruction. How can you say the "oil for food" program was an honourable one? Come on, It couldn't be more transparent. It means that america and Europe will always benefit hugely as long as the sanctions remain in place, there is a massive food over production in both America and Europe so a program like Oil for food is fantastic in that it gets us cheap oil whilst at the same time disposing of surplus food that would otherwise have to be Destroyed because of the way CAP works in the EU. < Also something the majority of the countries don't care about by using the UN as a tool to condemn Israelis any chance they get for breathing. > I find it so hard to see where American support for the state of Israel comes from? Every day they kill palestinians, they destroy their homes, they steal their land, they bully them, they impose draconian curfews, they deny them basic human rights and then they wonder why the palestinians resort to such desperate measures as suicide bombs. Every time a palestinian kills an israeli soldier or civillian the israeli army kills seven or eight palestinians. Israel, as a state, are not the victims here. They have such a chip on their shoulder just because they happen to be jewish. If they were christian or islamic it would not matter to me or any of those who support palestine. They have the worlds second best equipped army and they use it against women and children who can only defend themselves with stones

Created By: David Rynne