Response to Sample Letter To Send To Your TDs

Dear Frank, What do you want me to do? Throw it back in their faces? Sure I might as well bulldoze Dell, IBM, Intel, HP etc etc etc meself. Anyway why do you really care so much about the bloody Iraqis and not mention anything about 20,30,40 million starving in Africa? A few hundred thousand might get bombed or starve in Iraq, whole generations are being wiped out in sub Saharan Africa. When the current kids parents and grand parents die in many countries in Africa, there will be a whole generation of itinerant children roaming Africas cities, sure it'll make "City of God" look like the brady bunch. But back to Iraq, would it not be better for me to co-operate and hope that the more countries that are involved, the less chance there is of a turkey shoot, I might even lend the Rangers. Finally, you're a very well informed young (?) man with obviously a lot of time on your hands. Planes flying through Shannon are part of the enforcement of 1441 and remember I'm the boss. What's this about dirty bombs, we have one on our doorstep in Sellafield, not much marching going on there. Go out and get a girlfriend. Yours etc, Bartholomew Ahern

Created By: Charles Monroe