France and Germany

So Chirac tells ECE applicants to the EU: Ignore what the EU stands for and do as we tell you and shut up if you still want to join. "It is not really responsible behavior. It is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet." "Romania and Bulgaria were particularly irresponsible. If they wanted to diminish their chances of joining Europe they could not have found a better way" "When you are in the family ... you have more rights than when you are asking to join and knocking on the door." and, despite Britain and Spain's pleading, the EU refused to invite any of the candidates to participate in the Iraq summit in Brussels, supposedly because of their pro-American stance. and the French accuse the Americans of being imperialist thugs? "France has a right to its opinion and Poland has the right to decide what is good for it. France should respect that." -Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld Chirac invites Mugabe to visit Paris, despite the fact that Mugabe is banned from travelling in the EU. A German court sentences an accomplice and conspirator in the deaths of 3,244 to a mere 15 years in prison, supposedly the maximum allowed under German law for being an accomplice to murder, despite the fact that its the murder of 3,000+. That means he'll be back on the streets slaughtering innocent civilians by the time he's 43, assuming he serves the whole sentence, which is doubtful. All this, coupled with what they've already done, most notably the German chancellor finding it politically expedient to campaing solely on an anti-American campaign, yet at the same time claiming to be America's friend and ally. Is it any wonder why Americans and practically every other European nation, as well as a number of nations from elsewhere in the world, have come to ignore France and Germany's rhetoric and other nations have allied themselves with the US and UK? I think not.

Created By: Dan T