Response to What I Saw This Weekend

god guys. it seems that the all powerful US of A is unstoppable. this is why it is doing it's best (and failing) to get a UN resolution. hmmm. so all of this is just weapon testing? come on!!! the guy USED chemichal weapons twice and you are defending him (albeit not dierctly). I want to see your faces when the torture chambers will be shown in CNN in a few weeks. HIs former had scientist just claimed in a TV interview that he had planted chemichal and bio weapons in a belt around bahgdad to slow down the enemy forces. what would that do to his people... their are going to be civilian casualtoes , yes. it is terrible. yes. no one could justify a dead child. yes (including israel AND the palestinians). but: if left alone he would continue producing and buying weapons? yes. sanctions killed more iraqi and never stopped this guy fromspending the billions in black market oil on his army? yes a nuclear pre emptive strike would kill millions!!! yes are you going to take that chance? ? ?

Created By: eyal kless