Response to What I Saw This Weekend

>>US "elections" do not apply when it comes to the White House.<< Actually, it does. Maybe you've been away too long. The people vote, whoever wins in that state gets that state's electoral votes which are cast by electoral college representatives and based on the populus of the state. Bush won in Florida, there have been numerous recounts, most notably by the Associated Press, proving so. By winning Florida Bush got more electoral votes than Gore. Therefore Bush wins. >>George Bush was appointed to the White House by his father's mates<< what the hell are you talking about? Only 2 of the current nine justices were appointed by Bush Sr. As few as 5 and as many as 7 voted at one time or another to stop the fiasco that was ensuing in Florida. Hell, the dissent came from justices, like John Paul Stephens, appointed by REPUBLICAN presidents. So again I ask, what on earth are you talking about? This is the same whining excuse that has been used by democrats at home and obnoxious liberals abroad to bemoan the fact that there is finally a president in office doing his job. >>and Americans are not happy about it.<< odd, the 60-odd percent that approved of Bush (higher than Clinton and Bush Sr at the same point in their terms) right after he "stole." the election says otherwise. The fact that his approval ratings are still consistently high say otherwise. Most of all, the OVERWHELMING victory for the republican party in the mid-term elections most definitely says otherwise.

Created By: Dan T