Response to France and Germany

I am not anti-american, but I am anti Bush. Bush has done his utmost to destroy everything good about the United States while in office. Once land of the free, now land of "Big Brother Is Watching", land of "State endorsed religion". Civil Liberties are being tranpled on daily, the constitution written by the Founding Fathers is being dismantled daily. This war is not about terrorism, it's about oil. Saddam Hussein is an evil man who should be removed from power. But in a "hijackinged plane, who do you shoot? The hijacker or the passengers?" Bush's plan (Like his fathers) will kill far more civilians than military personnel. The American special forces are the best, world wide bar none. Thay always have been, and probably always will be. If Bush really wanted, he is quite capable of having Saddam killed along with the other leaders of note in his party. Thus saving millions of lives. But that wouldn't give him the oil. He says he is not after the oil, in the same speech he highlights his strategy for taking custody of ALL the Iraqi oil fields indefinately. Claims he will act as custodian for the Iraqi people. What rubbish. Bush is another Adolf Hitler. Thankfully a large number of cities and states in America are begining to realise this and are takeing appropriate action, there is already a movement gathering momentum to have Bush and his administration, impeached.

Created By: Conor Newman