Response to Direct Action: detailed plan for March 1st

I tried to post these thoughts earlier but I f'd up the posting, so here I go again. The more I read the GNAW posting the angrier I get. GNAW may have ruined the momentum of the biggest, ethically motivated, protest movement Ireland has seen for some time. Could someone tell me, did GNAW arrange this Shannon march originally? The more I read the GNAW posting the more arrogant it becomes. They say they have "undergone a debate within the island wide network". What network was that? It seems to me that the multitude of people who have pulled out of the demo in Shannon havn't heard of this network. They say they are not hijacking anyones movement. That's wrong, they are. They also reject media stories of a split. There is a split. A possibly catastrophic split. They see diversity as a strength rather than a division. Maybe diversity is a strength for a global movement of differing voices objecting to neo-liberal economics, but this is a different kettle of fish. This is (was?) a united front, all against the one war. Sure some were Greens, some were socialists, some were whatever your having yourself. But all 100,000 were the Irish public objecting to the one thing. GNAW have divided the movement. It's now weaker. When the CWM, Mary Kelly, Dubsky, took their actions they did so off their own bats and at a time when it did not jepordise the chances of building a popular movement or place others at the risk of a May 6th style battering. Direct Action should have taken place at a time when it would have had mass public support. When the ante had been upped in the eyes of the general public. The idea of direct action should have been floated on various web-sites. If others wanted to share a protest with GNAW they could have made up their minds to do so. As is obvious now, GNAW would have discovered that they should schedule their direct action for another time. GNAW say they are non-hierarchical. They're non-representative also. My personal notion, as I ranted about on this discussion board before, was that the peace camp should have remained after the army's arrival. Media images juxtaposing peaceful protesters with armed soldiers would have brought home to the general public the reality that the Irish army had been called out against the Irish people. A very significant turn of events. If March 1st's demo went ahead peacefully the images would have said the same thing. I wonder what the images in Sunday's papers will say now. I'll finish by suggesting that GNAW (whoever they actually are) should try harder to communicate in "as democratic and open a way as possible" so as they do not come across as "secretive" or "elite". I wonder how many pink flags will be needed tomorrow. I honestly hope its a few more than I think it's going to be.

Created By: Garret Shanley