Response to Peace Quiz

Well - let's see - you have to ask yourself if that was the goal of all those bombings? e.g. Russia has certainly bombed a lot of places since WWII as well - but it was never their intention to set up a democratic government. So I think your question is a bit of a sophistry. You could also ask how many sovereign governments were saved by that bombing - but that is a bit of a misguided question, too. (e.g. Kuwait was certainly saved by the first gulf war). You could argue that South Korea was the result of the Korean conflict. I would say that government has a much better record than the one to the North - so there's 1. Panama is doing much better without Noriega, 2. Guatemala is improving, 3. Grenada is much better, too, 3. Afghanistan the jury is still out on, but it seems like they are going in the right direction, 5. and who would argue that Yugoslavia isn't doing better without Milosevic, 6. There's your answer - 6. I would also probably argue that there are one or two examples above that have improved - but probably not as a result of bombing - so, like I said, your question is a bit of a sophistry because you can't necessarily draw causality between bombing and the rise of democratic governments.

Created By: J R