Response to (TWO) The United Snakes Of Israel?

Not one of you IOF apologist intellectuals has addressed one of the points that I have made. You respond with the typical and so predictable insults about racist, jew hater etc. That's so boring and counterproductive at this level of discussion. Go spray paint your cliches somewhere else! Don't you guys get the fact that the truth is out there for all who are not hoodwinked or have a vested interest in the Ariel Bush war machine? Get the facts and forget the Auschwitz routine for the moment while this other act of genocide is going on under your noses. Have you boys any idea what's going on in Palestine? Even you, JR attempting to sound reasonable, you couldn't get above your snide remark about the Hamas check. I wonder how many long distance American patriots contributed to NORAID in the belief that bombs and bullets is the only way to effect change. It is afterall the American way of doing things, so I'll forgive your insulting insinuation that I support terror and death. My weapon as you have obviously noticed is my pen and my intellect. PS I thought this was an anti war forum and not a "holocaust industry" site! All the best, anyway.

Created By: Tony Dillon