Response to remembering 9/11

Mary, I looked at the analysis of the PATRIOT act in the Yellow Times. Ignoring the obvious bias of the columnist, Ms. Miller, it is interesting that she documents not one case where the supposedly draconian police state powers were used to violate the constitutional rights of an individual. What Ms. Miller fails to understand is that an act of Congress is incapable of “defiantly and maliciously trampling” on any of the Constitutional protections afforded to individuals. There is a serious debate within the US on the constitutionality of this act, and ultimately it will be decided by the Courts. That is the way that English Common Law works: first the legislature passes a bill, then the Courts decide upon the Constitutionality of the bill. The Courts make law, not the legislature. If the English Parliament had passed the act then much of Ms. Miller’s analysis would have been correct vis-à-vis the English public. But the written Constitution of the US is superior to any bill passed by Congress. Maybe you should be a little more discerning when you go “rushing around checking the facts on websites all over the place”.

Created By: Patrick Coakley