Response to remembering 9/11

the afgan detainees aren't given POW status (contrary to geneva convention), as there's no real 'war' in the legally definable sense. the only anthrax found in that whole scare was proven to be genetically engineered by us military (a verifiable fact before anyone bothers). whether they mailed it accidentally or maliciously or some one stole it...? whether bush, soldiers or whoever deliberately decide to bomb/kill civilians is hard to 'prove'. what is true is that despite the us's so called 'surgical bombing campaign' in gulf war#1, 200,000/250,000+ civilians were killed (around 150,000/200,000+ iraqi soldiers, usa casualties fig range from 79 to 200), + saddam remains in power with lots of weapons, apparantely. maybe they'll get lucky this time around and they'll get a guided (with surgical accurately) bomb on saddam before he gets in his bombshelter.

Created By: g j