No To Bush's Proxi War For Israel! Though always a misnomer it used to be that " anti-Semitic" was a term used exclusively to describe someone that hated Jews, it has today however become a term used by radical Jews to describe those they hate. These anti-Semitic ranters stubbornly insist on misconstruing the reality of the civil war raging in Palestine by playing that same old card over and over again ad nauseam. They are conditioned to believe that the miracle card will eternally create a smoke screen behind which they can continue to conspire and explain murder away as if it had something to do with the poor innocents of Auschwitz. These professional IOF apologists demean the fate of those butchered victims at the hands of the Nazi monsters and employ the self same tactics of the propaganda meister Goebels. By seeking to classify the countless victims of the Israeli crimes of unbridled greed and the expansionist policy of Lebensraum / settlements / colonies and now "transfer" as nothing more than terrorists, they demonstrate their total lack of morality and human worth. Like the Bush boy who wilfully resists drawing the proper conclusions from the barbaric terror attack on US soil and is gung ho intent on sacrificing even more Americans in his so called war on terror. This band of war mongering ostriches, presumably in dumb allegiance to some holy calf of zionism, is incapable of confronting reality as their malicious handlers incite them on with their hate filled supremacist cant and doublespeak. Homage to bullies and war criminals, the glorification of genocide and the expropriation of another race's property may now be de-riguer in some questionable circles in the US as in Israel's zionists, but thankfully obeisance to such brutes went out of fashion in Europe long ago when we purged fascists and Nazis and other sundry "elected" mass murderers from our body politic. Yes, of course we have America to thank for its support and blood sacrifice in so doing, all the more ironic and tragic when one now sees America blindly supporting and funding exactly the same Nazi policies carried out by its "democratic" ally Israel. For those of you with an open mind and keen to get at the truth I suggest you visit the ( WWW No War For Israel ) site and read the rest of this revealing article. By STEPHEN J. SNIEGOSKI © 2003 WTM EnterprisesAll rights reserved. In a lengthy article in The American Conservative criticizing the rationale for the projected U.S. attack on Iraq, the veteran diplomatic historian Paul W. Schroeder noted (only in passing) "what is possibly the unacknowledged real reason and motive behind the policy — security for Israel." If Israel's security were indeed the real American motive for war, Schroeder wrote, It would represent something to my knowledge unique in history. It is common for great powers to try to fight wars by proxy, getting smaller powers to fight for their interests. This would be the first instance I know where a great power (in fact, a superpower) would do the fighting as the proxy of a small client state. [1] Is there any evidence that Israel and her supporters have managed to get the United States to fight for their interests? To unearth the real motives for the projected war on Iraq, one must ask the critical question: How did the 9/11 terrorist attack lead to the planned war on Iraq, even though there is no real evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11? From the time of the 9/11 attack, neoconservatives, of primarily (though not exclusively) Jewish ethnicity and right-wing Zionist persuasion, have tried to make use of 9/11 to foment a broad war against Islamic terrorism, the targets of which would coincide with the enemies of Israel. For some time prior to September 11, 2001, neoconservatives had publicly advocated an American war on Iraq. The 9/11 atrocities provided the pretext. The idea that neocons are the motivating force behind the U.S. movement for war has been broached by a number of commentators. For instance, Joshua Micah Marshall authored an article in The Washington Monthly titled: "Bomb Saddam?: How the obsession of a few neocon hawks became the central goal of U.S. foreign policy." And in the leftist e-journal CounterPunch, Kathleen and Bill Christison wrote: The suggestion that the war with Iraq is being planned at Israel's behest, or at the instigation of policymakers whose main motivation is trying to create a secure environment for Israel, is strong. Many Israeli analysts believe this. The Israeli commentator Akiva Eldar recently observed frankly in a Ha'aretz column that [Richard] Perle, [Douglas] Feith, and their fellow strategists "are walking a fine line between their loyalty to American governments and Israeli interests." The suggestion of dual loyalties is not a verboten subject in the Israeli press, as it is in the United States. Peace activist Uri Avnery, who knows Israeli Prime Minister Sharon well, has written that Sharon has long planned grandiose schemes for restructuring the Middle East and that "the winds blowing now in Washington remind me of Sharon. I have absolutely no proof that the Bushies got their ideas from him. But the style is the same."

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