the peace process in the middle east

never got an answer for this post so i am putting it here for Tony and others to view and comment. 1 - The olso Agreement was signed in the whilte house to the cheers of the world. Rabin, peres and Arafat shook hands (reluctently) to a new beginning. the agreement said a few simple things: A) we all have the right to exist in this region and there would be an end to the conflict B)All problems should be negotiated peacefully c) we take 5 years to build up the trust before we start talking about the "heavy " stuff (jerusalem, refugees etc). noble peace prizes were handed out.... 2. as a beginning . israel withderw from 7 cities and helped arm and finance Arafat's militia (police). Rabin was quoted to say that Arafat would deal with the Hamas "withot the high courts . referring to the rulling of no physical abuse interrogating Terrorists that was passed a few weeks before. 3 euphoria in israel and the world. 6.5 % growth, peace with Jordan and other arab states want to "do buisness", "new age " historians (its all out fault). but there are hiccups. the police is now consisting of 55000 people, 35000 above the agreement ("but they need control, I said), intelligence showed that Hamas and Jihad are operating with Arafat (it's just the beginning, maybe they can bereasoned with, I said). Peres secured billions of dollars from the EU to the PA in order to make the lives of the PA people better but that money disipated. intelligence of mass corruption in the PA (not our problem). in PA school children still learn the the Haulocost didnot happen and that jews are "evil" (who cares , I said) 4. Rabin is murdered by a right wing fanatic after a mass demonstration for peace in Tel Aviv. Peres takes his place and later calls for elections thinking he would win. 5. Mass suicide bombing campaigned. Hundreds dead. reports of Hamas memebers arrested by the PA authority only to be released later that day. "bibi" nethanyahoo - the right wing candidate wins the elections by 15000 votes. (I voted peres, myparents voted bibi). 6. for me, Bibi was the worst israeli PM ever. no backbone, lots of spin, corruption and no real agenda. however one thing for his fabvour. he is the first one to say that if the PA want a state, they have to be democratic. 7. more bombs, israel cancelles the third phase of whitdrawel. 8. israel opens up a tunnel as an archeological sight. on the temple mount the imam tells the believers israel is tunnelling under the temple in order to collapse it. vast riots all over the place including for the first time pa police shooting at soldiers they were patrolling together the night before. 22 israeli dead, a lot more on their side. Bibi sign an agreement oof Hebron and rewards arafat with a part withdrawel from that city. Arafat takes note of tha achievement. 9. after two years new elections. Ehud barak, the most decorated soldier in israel runs for the left and wins. on his way he declares that if he would have been born a PA he would have been in the "resistance". the papers called that a "suicide bomb interview" - but he won (and I voted for him" 10. still 67% in israel believe in the olso agreement. 11. camp david. according to journalists who were there, clinton and barak aids this was the deal. A0 95-98% of the west land with a bridge or tunnel connecting to Gaza - obviously most of the settlements are gone b) the other 5% will be given somewhere else since we can not move cities that were build in the last 30 year (did it with jordan). the right to return to the PA land + secured billions of dollars in compensation to the refugees + 150 thusand to return to israel as family reunite + HALF OD JERUSALEM which would have meant a divided city and (to my view) civil war in israel. in return - arafat would have to declare"end of conflict". Arafat refuses and tells Clinton he would be killed. he goes away and (according to his aid) tell the hamas to "start the fire" and prepares the socond intifada. when the deal is leaked to the press the right wing in israel goes beserk. Sharon makes a visit to the temple mout and the PA use it as a trigger . riots start again, arafat tells his people he wants to be a martyr, people in israel take note. Sharon , as head of the right after Bibi resigned, press for elections. Barak calls election and sharon wins by the largest margin in Israel History - 25%

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