Our terrorists are statesmen, their terrorists are murderers!

Eyal, war is not necessary if we can "elect" decent people to govern us. What you have in Israel is as despicable as what they have in Iraq or Washington. These 3 clowns in a democratic world would be doing life in a maximum security prison. War will no more solve the problem than you're rewriting of history. Sharon has learned nothing since his death-squad days as the head of the Israeli army terrorist Unit 101, most infamous for its destruction of the Arab village of Qibya where he was responsible for the slaughter of 68 men, women and children. The old "soldier" proudly confirms his depravity in his autobiography, blowing up the houses with the families trapped inside, as the snipers positioned around the village picked off the stragglers, an old IDF Sonderkommando speciality. The State of Israel has learned precious little since its own bloody birth with the Hagannah terrorist campaign against the one time British colonial masters of the region. Former prime minister Menachim Begin is revered as a freedom fighter by the people of Israel, leader in fact of the Jewish Irgun terrorist organisation. Among his statesman like activities for the cause of Israeli freedom, is the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1948, killing more than 90 innocent people, but one terrorist act of one of the most illustrious sons of Israel and to this day the greatest single act of terror carried out in Palestine.The only apparent difference between that undeniable act of terrorism, and that of a teenage Palestinian suicide bomber, is that the suicide bomber ( like the Kamikaze fighter of the second World War ) has the conviction / rage / courage / hate (whatever you want to call it ) to sacrifice his life in the act of killing his victims. These modern day ambulatory human bombs, the most lethal weapon yet in man's arsenal, the Palestinian answer to Israel's bulldozers and America's Patriots and Apaches, paradoxically illustrate for all the world in a flash, the absolute desperation and determination of the Palestinian people to survive. These suicide kids believe they are left with no future and no other option in this tragic and needless war. Of course they will always strike back at the Israeli aggressor, blood cries out for blood. That is your culture and their culture and Bush's christian culture. You people are locked in your dance of death because you don't have the intelligence or the humanity to stop it. And now our American cousins, the techno terrorists, bomb from 30,000 feet and don't even see the trail of blood and guts they splatter in their wake. Cute! They are the most disgusting of all.

Created By: Tony Dillon