Forgive me if this topic has been addressed before. I am just trying to get a feel for the anti-war sentiment in Ireland. I must admit I don't live in Ireland although at times like this I wish I lived anywhere other than America. I am, however, traveling to Ireland this weekend. Part of me feels very uncomfortable going on vacation during such dark time in the world, and especially going to other countries when I come from the very country which is causing this darkness. Well...I shouldn't open that can of worms because its a decision I must make for myself and not the point of my post. I was just wondering...if I do decide to come...what is it like in Ireland? Does the growing contempt for America = contempt for Americans? Should I be worried about this? Are there going to be any anti-war events this weekend or upcoming week if war does break out? I also just want to add that despite us all feeling like we weren't able to prevent this impending war (I know I feel that way) it is still inspiring to see so many people all over the world uniting against oppression and imperialism. So thank you. Peace and Much Love, Kristen

Created By: Kristen Uliasz