Response to is it about oil?

the media work to their own agenda, largely dictated by pro-Bush elements such as Rupert Murdoch and with ratings in mind amid this patriotic witch hunt. That's why there is no reporting of the continuing violence, poverty, and oppression in afghanistan long after the west supposedly liberated it. It's also why the same will happen in iraq after victory is declared. There'll be no reporting in the mainstream media of the reneging of unwritten agreements that have been made, such as this oil trust. Nothing about this plan has been decreed in a UN resolution, or made available to the public beyond the vague mumblings that Bush made at a press conference to offset accusations of an oil grab. It'll be quickly forgotton by a media who will be looking for the next big story such as a war with Iran or North Korea. And by the way Eyal, no amount of money or oil can bring back the dead or cure the emotional and psychological scars that will be inflicted on the children and people of iraq during this war, so stop trying to put a price on peoples lives by talking up the benefits of oil sales for the iraqi people. The iraqi people would be better off if there was no oil in their country.

Created By: Guy Incognito