Having been one of those lads in an earlier imperial war, I feel no pusillanimity in my protest. Indeed, it is the demur who are least favorable to our beloved sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends. In my own experience, I watched as my mates were wounded and killed in a profligate misadventure of the American War Industry. Only after hundreds of thousands of smug faces deracinated the lies and justifications did the list of more than fifty eight thousand names to be written on a low black wall in Washington DC, and the hundreds of thousands of names written in Asiatic characters on hearts of families and friends, only then did it stop. Upon my return from those Yankee killing fields, I went to Canada where the people had demonstrated genuine probity in their opposition. In Canada, I was overwhelmingly treated with dignity and respect, but when I went south to the US, I found open animosity to those lads you speak of; the people of the US, rejected their own children as they reminded them of their own moral failings and immoral accommodations. As the American fathers betrayed their sons on the battlefields, the mothers betrayed them in the marketplace, this miasma has dominated much of the national character since. Seeking to ameliorate themselves through occasional national thuggery against defenseless peoples in Panama, Grenada, Nicaragua, and the list goes on. They would seek to cover their perfidy with flags and bible rather than engage soule searching and true penitence. Now we see the American President, George Bush, a man who deserted his domestic post during Vietnam and was excused by right of privilege, surrounded by other venal men who waved flags at the passing of those lads long ago- but, again by privilege, did not go themselves, it is this imperious lot that we call us to their moral war. Again the American War Industry calls for human sacrifice to its religion of Neo-liberalism, obdurate to the world wide millions. If we appear smug, perhaps you are projecting your own prejudice of the fundamentalism which so eagerly embraces war – Christian, Moslem, Hindu, or Jew all rush to a murderous euphoria so falsely interpreted as spirituality, and seen as a repugnant solipsistic pathology by civil society. Perhaps we find strength, and joy in our ad vocation of peace and tolerance, and our diverse union of humanity across the globe, and that common perspicacity. But, most of all, please do not take a pedagogical tone about freedom and peace to the Irish people. An army came with Cromwell, and still occupies the northern counties of this land – an army that brought repression, starvation, and death on generations of Irish people. The Irish people are hardly smug about their freedom, there have been too many generations of ‘Bloody Sundays’, seeing their lads marched to prison and gallows, and empty cradles as memories of “collateral damage”. The Irish people do not have the memory of the tragedy of a foetid building from a September day, but tens of thousands of days of ubiquitous terror. Peace, to the Irish people, is not an abstract noun, but a vital verb. Respectfully Bob W, First Field Forces Vietnam, US Army 1968-1971 "In Empire, it is inevitably the 'War' of the privileged, and the 'Battle' of the poor"

Created By: Bob Wilson