Response to convince me

Saving iraqi's is a better reason to go to war then oil. I dont think Iraq is really a threat to anyone but his own people but there are dozens of countries that are just as shit for its people as iraq. Should the U.S. invade and rebuild all of them as well? There are other countries that are pontentially a threat to the U.S. Should it invade all of them as well. When it becomes ok for a country to invade a country without having being attacked itself it sets a bad example. Maybe india will invade Packistan, maybe N Korea will invade the south, maybe China will invade taiwan. They might all say they feel threatened by their neighbour or the threat of terrorism. It alreay nearly happened to India. The U.S. has done some good things but you cant say its always in the right. Take hiroshima and nagasaki for example. Like Saddam and Bin Laden, the U.S killed as many civilians as it could to get what it wanted. I dont think people should support the U.S because they "owe" it even if they feel this invasion is wrong. Anyway, thats all. War is bad.

Created By: gareth murphy