Response to Today's work stoppage

I have to smile at Debbie's positive attitude in the face of suspension. Luckily I go to Newpark Comprehensive in Blackrock, Dublin, a school that has allowed, co-operated, participated in and organised numerous events promoting awareness, thought and action. The teachers were extremely supportive of the walkout on Friday. Today our alternative to the stoppage (as we, and the teachers, would have liked an assembly, but organisation time was against us) was an intercom service (for want of a better word) with a few readings of poetry and an email that the school received from a 16 year-old kid in American who said he drew strength from our show of peace after our walkout. The whole thing was a success, and it just showed to me, and everyone, how lucky we are to be in such a liberal and just school. I just hope more teachers in other schools can take a leaf out of my teachers' book.

Created By: Martin McKenna