Response to tonight anti war in galway?

Hello Olwen, Sorry to not get to this in time. There was a great demo tonight in Galway (I posted a message here on the events section of this site a few days ago, hopefully you saw it). I think there were over 1,000 people. People marched to O'Cuiv's office and droped letters in the letter box opposing the war the office was closed). This was shown on TV3 at 11pm. On Saturday there will be a peace march and rally. It will start at 1pm at Fr. Burke's Park (down near the fire station and the GTI school, where the children's swings and slides are). There will be some speeches and then a march towards Eyre Square where there will be more speeches, music etc. I have put a link to the Galway Alliance Against the War on the links section of this site. You could e-mail them and ask them to add you to their amiling list in order to keep you informed about what is going on. I will try to post messages here about GAAW activities as much as possible.

Created By: Orla Ni Chomhrai