Why so few at today's demonstrations? I think I know.

I'm nearly 50, and until the Belfast anti-war march, I'd never protested or marched about anything in my life. That protest was well publicised, which is why it attracted such amazing numbers. I read newspapers; I keep up with TV/radio news far more than is probably good for my blood pressure. And today I learned that there'd been various anti-war demos here in the north of Ireland. 'Learned'. Past tense. I learned about them once they were all over. I didn't see a word about them in the media, or I would have been there. Like I said, I'm totally new to all this sort of thing. I've no idea who the 'they' are who publicise anti-war demonstrations (though perhaps since joining this site I'll be better informed in future.) But this is a plea to the organisers and publicists. Don't quit now, guys. If an event is planned, use the media to tell us, the formerly apathetic middle-aged. We'll be there - but only if we hear about it *before* we see it on the evening news. John

Created By: John Scott