Sorry Tony, but I think you are listening a little bit too much to Saddam’s propaganda machine. Has this got “really” anything to do with Zionism and anti-Semitism!? What’s the real problem; A lunatic with a proven track record to use “any” weapon available to him against anybody he sees as an enemy. He executes hundreds of his own top ranking Ba'thists and army officers after they are accused of being involved in a Syrian plot to place Iraq under Syrian hegemony in august ’79. He invades Iran in ’80, threatens some other neighboring countries, etc… not gonna give a full list here. And yes this lunatic was helped by f***ing America! He laughs in the face of the UN for 12 years and ridicules them, let’s his own people starve while still pushing his own weapon program that costs millions. And please don’t say it’s not proven that they did, they were stupid enough to admit it on the night the war would go ahead: the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs said in an interview that they were not afraid of the Americans because they prepared themselves 12 years for this moment…. and those are the exact words!!!! It’s proven time and time again that Saddam does not care about his own people (spoke to a lot of Iraqi refugees), they are merely human shields that have to serve a military purpose for him and he does not care if they survive or not… so why would he care for the Palestinians!?!? Djeezis!! Do you really believe this has got much to do with Zionism and Anti Semitism!?!? He’s just trying to use it… and if I look at you he succeeded?

Created By: Frederic U