Response to the peace process in the middle east

Magdalene, what I'm about to say in "response" to what you've posted will more than likely make no sense to you (I'm having extreme difficulty with it myself). I've just read all your posts and most of the threads (I did a fair bit of scanning) you posted to. I apologize to Rachel's family if any one of them ever reads this. I trust and hope they won't and never will. From what I can gather in my - no excuse - drunken state, you're not Irish. Perhaps some sort of North American, but I don't know. Whether you are or not is fairly crucial to the blantantly culturist point I'm about to make, but I'm feeling lucky (or drunk). I first make the fairly obvious point that both Rachel and the group of eyewitnesses are all either US or UK citizens (or subjects, I suppose one should say). The fact that nationals of those self same nations are currently the main force invading another country as I type is a second fairly obvious point. The guy in the bulldozer wasn't. He wasn't there as part of some mission. He didn't decide to be there. He did decide to run her over though. That's why Eyal is real.

Created By: Gabby Savage