Response to a summery of the peacniks

hello eyal, me again. i would probably fall under the un champion, and also the historian, but you seem to me to be the biggest 'smart man' on this site. it seems to me that you don't want any real discussion. i've accepted a few of your points, but you have yet to acknowledge or even respond to many of mine. i am an open minded person, and i have expressed no racist or bigoted views, yet during my post regarding washington's respect for the un i was accused of, to my disgust, anti semitism! on the other hand, your discussions seem to involve personal attack after personal attack. you respond to half of almost every post, ignoring anything that might sound reasonable or that you can't actually argue with! i can accept some of your points. because let's face it, thats what a debate is about, listening to everyone's opinion and forming your own, allowing it to change as more information is gathered on the subject. give a little. respect the opinion of other people. respect us. we might actually then listen to you, because at the moment, you only seem to me to be holding on to your arguments for dear life on principle and not for their merits.

Created By: Richie Smith