To: johnny crappie (turd?) First, you must think we are ignorant, we know Hussien is not a great guy. It is up to the Iraqi people to decide if he stays or goes, not you or me. What Hussein has done, Bush is getting away with. A double standard and hipocracy in my opinion. Secondly, Sharon (long O, mines short) is also a brutal killer. No better than Saddam. The only difference is a now the US thinks Sharon is okay. US used to think that about Hussein when we gave him his WMD and told him to go ahead and kill or take over other arabs. We sort of encouraged him to go into Kuwait if you read the history. So don't make Saddam out to be more than he is. Another pawn on the US global chess board. Tony I think we should really offer to help Crappie get to Iraq. He could put his money where his mouth is by joining the colition (sic) of the willin. I'm sure he'd go, his beliefs are so strong!

Created By: Sharon White