Response to if they find WMD

Dear eyal, It is not about the WMD and never has been. What is wrong with this action is that it is simply illegal and immoral. I won't be surprised if they find evidence of WMD. (And it wouldn't surprise me if , like a corrupt cop planting a piece, they will "find " something just to justify their actions. Much like the evidence found "linking" Saddam to 9/11.) The whole point of protesting this war for me is not that "war" is always unjust. (Though I understand the rational behind that argument and sympathize with it.) The whole point is: the end does not justify the means. To violate international law and international will is simply wrong. As everyone keeps looking back to history to justify their opinions and actions. Just remember, Hitler had very, very good "National" reasons for his inital invasions. He was "liberating" and "rescuing" ethnic Germans in the surrounding countries. Whether or not the UN should declare a resoulution that accepts military action to force Saddam to disarm: that is debatable. Whether the US should invade to depose Iraq's head of state is not. This type of rationale could also justify an invasion of Israel by the surrounding Arab countries as Israel is still defying at least one resoulution of the UN regarding the "occupied territories".

Created By: Gary Nihsen