Well said Tony. I really hate this whole double standard of the Bush administration. You're quite right about everything that goes on in Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan, but unfortunately it gets worse. Just last December two prisoners in a US prison base near Kabul were beaten to death - and those are two that managed to make the headlines. God alone knows how many other similar cases there are that we don't hear anything about. I feel so sorry for those American prisoners and their families, but at least they aren't being shackled, blindfolded and beaten!! The US needs to learn that if it expects others to obey the Geneva Convention it will have to start obeying it itself. Another problem is the sad fact that American/Western lives are worth so much more in our society than Third World/Muslim lives. I've seen countless pictures on TV screens and newspaper pages of Iraqi prisoners forced to lie on the ground being searched, or of dead Iraqi soldiers. Where's the international outrage at their plight??

Created By: Rachel Hicks