Response to What now?

Guys, the war has started and many people have given up. Many say there's no point on protesting anymore, we can't stop this war. They are probably right... or not. We have to make people believe again. Ireland is not Fianna Fail, is the Irish people, the people who demonstrated against the war in February. Britain is not Tony Blair but the British people who massively denounced him. Spain is not Aznar. We, the people, have the power and we have to remind our leaders who they are working for and who pay them. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER. Many people in Ireland think there's nothing we can do, and even if there's something, it won't make a difference being Ireland so small. Well, THERE IS. Let's force BERTIE AHERN to close Shannon airport to the US Military, force him to condemn this TERRORIST ACT. Let's make the International Law, Human Rights, and UN valid again. We owe this to the innocent people being killed as we speak and we owe it to future generations. The people in Irishantiwar have a responsibility: to bring HOPE to the hundreds of thousands of Men and women on this country that desperately want to protest, they want to be heard. More than 100.000 marched on February 15th on the streets of Dublin; hundreds of thousand more will march if they are given the chance. I say make it big. Get celebrities, politicians, singers, sportsmen,... to publicly denounce the war, to march. Get thousands of drummers to blast the street of Dublin out it. Get thousands of Irish bagpipes to play for peace, get civil service workers to protest, students, teachers, ... MAKE IT BIG and don't let any other groups to hijack the demos. People are just waiting for a chance to speak up, and remember: WE ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE MILLIONS.

Created By: Angel Sirvent